Stream of Gates.

AGOGÔ is an octal analogue vactrol-based low pass gate and mixer in a cascade

Each one of its inputs, CVs and outputs are normalized and buffered to the next one: it can be used as a multiplier and a mixer for both audio and CV.
One way to imagine AGOGÔ is to use water and streams.
In the module we have three rivers:

    “I” – inputs
    “V” – CVs and modulations and
    “O” – outputs

“I” is flowing from top to bottom. An input inserted in the first socket will be buffered and it will flow unaltered in the next. If a cable is inserted, the connection will be interrupted.
“V” works in the same way but there is some latency in the interruption due to its chained vactrol configuration. This means that with a single control voltage you can open all the gates simultaneously.
Combining the features of both “I” and “V” you can – for example – control a single signal with 8 different CVs or 8 different sources with the same CV. The streams can be interrupted in any point, this means that all the LPGs can be used individually or in pair for stereo effects or send/return divisions.
The last stream, “O” represents the end of the flow, the river mouth. It acts as an active mixer, letting you mix 8 or more signals. As in the other streams, the connection can be interrupted in any given point to create sub mixes or individual outs.
More units can be chained together thanks to headers on the back. This chained configuration will add saturation to the final out.
Please refer to the next picture to connect together more units:
To connect more AGOGÔ together connect the OUT header (bottom of the module) to the IN header (top of the module). The OUT of the first module goes in the IN of the next one.


  • 8 independent LPG
  • Four groups with two LPG flavors: light (top row) and heavy (bottom row)
  • Each input (“I” column) is normalized to the next one
  • Each CV (“V” column) is copied and distributed to the next LPG
  • Each output (“O” column) is mixed into the next output stage
  • More units can be chained together directly using headers on the back of the module
  • DC coupled – it works with both audio and CV
  • Reverse polarity protection diodes

technical specs

  • current draw +12v 180ma / -12v 100ma / +5v 0ma
  • width 6HP
  • depth 28mm
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