we build stuff


electronics lab specialized in analog synth design, diy modules and customized PCBs.


Their Pet Dog music desk. Live performances with modular and DIY synths.
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we can build existing modules.
we can make new modules.
we can assemble improbable machines.
we are doing that anyway so if you are interested just write us.


we are currently developing a solderless workshop based on Avalanche oscillators.
we believe that the stuff we are doing is not so puzzling and everyone – with the right hints – can start his own journey into analog synths. we can share our errors, how to burn a transistor and some bleep blooping knob-tweaking noise circuits. yeah, and also boring information about components, sound-wave theories and basic information on how to experiment with voltage without stopping your heart from beating.
fire us an email for other details. YUP.


  • Wurly ENC – Eurorack Noise Companion.
  • AvalancheGrid – Matrix 4stages Drone Station.
  • Princess – Random Drums Soundsource.
  • WoodA – Self-Patchable Light Dependent Contributor.
  • CvJar – a glass jar with a small DIY vactrol in it.



Wurly ENC




Tabør: analog rhythmic oscillator.

Tabør is a non-linear sound engine made by multiple sound sources that influence each other through a cross-contamination technique. The result of each configuration is radically different, while maintaining a controllable rhythmic heart. That’s why we call it a “Rhythmic Oscillator”.



Jolin Lab was born in the summer of 2018 as an electronic music promotion laboratory by Pedro Ferragut and Federico Intrisano.
Although our main activity is research, we also build hand-crafted analog and digital tools with educational aim.